It was only just a dream..I think..

Have you ever had a weird dream where you don’t know if you’re dreaming or really living out whats happening. What do you do when you have a nightmare but you can’t differentiate the nightmare from reality.

I’m not big on the whole “ghost are real” theory however..theres something out there. And after my experience with this dream I really don’t know anymore..

It was late at night, I knew that much I should have been sleeping, wasn’t I sleeping? Confusion set in. I wasn’t where I was supposed to be and something was not right. My son was asleep in his bed, that much was clear I could see him but whats even more strange is I could see me..sleeping..and I was across the room staring at myself. I wanted to wake up if I was dreaming but it didn’t feel like a dream I mean literally I was watching myself sleep.

I remember trying to open my mouth to scream to wake myself or something this just was not right. It couldn’t be real.. Still looking at myself I turned to the other corner.. and that’s when I saw it.. It being something I can’t even explain to you. There are not words for what I was looking at.. Black, it was a figure but no appearances that I could make out other than hollow eyes…and it was staring straight at my son.

At that moment I wanted this to be a dream and I wanted to wake up right now. I couldn’t move and I was getting more and more scared and that’s when I woke up.

I opened my eyes and there it was…a black figure was beside my bed. I know I was awake at this point it’s too vivid to have been a dream. Scared to death I closed my eyes began praying when I reopened my eyes that shadow would be gone.. Hesitant I opened my eyes and nothing was there.

I got no sleep. I’ve yawned all day. Still I don’t know what was real and what was just a dream. Is this normal? Has this happen to other people? It scares me to even fall asleep now..

Feeling jumpy…



6 thoughts on “It was only just a dream..I think..

  1. grandfathersky says:

    There is nothing to fear as long as you control your thoughts. It is no different than giving up control of your body to someone else. Slavery was abolished so long ago. We are taught that we are alone, and in that arises fear. You are not alone, there are guardians always near. Your instincts were correct prayer asking for their protection was all you needed or will need..


  2. royyman32 says:

    I’ve had some dreams that foreshadowed things to come or unnatural dreams like yours. I’m not a believer in the supernatural or ghosts really, but sometimes it’s just so hard to explain. I definitely didn’t sleep right for a couple days after. However, one thing I can say form a logical standpoint is that mental state impacts dreams quite a bit. Having a clear or positive mind when going to bed really helps. Lots of my negative dreaming experiences have come at times when I was absorbed in negative thoughts.


  3. wholeproduction says:

    Ayyy you got tow option
    1. I am not sure if you christian or not but I would suggest you to pray…a lot! Read your bible before you go to sleep, you don’t have to read a whole chapter or anything but read a verse or two about God defending the defenseless like Psalms 27 or something. google the verse if you have to.
    2. If you don’t believe in God or ghost or anything but that science has to say then I would suggest for you to stop watch scary movies before you go to bed or anything scary at all because those thing cause bad dreams. also make sure you go to sleep with a clam mind that also help people it would seems.

    Ps. If you have done all the things in part two and this still happens then please consider part 1 and do it.


  4. unashamedojesus says:

    This was a demon please stop dabbling in psychics and tarrot cards for your families safety your opening a door to hell but Jesus can protect you call upon his name and demons will flee do this for your sons sake please I’ll pray for you God bless


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