I went to see a Psychic/Medium

Haha what a title to start with but it’s what my post is about so why not. I decided to do something spontaneous and see a psychic/medium today. Do I think she was right…probably not but for $h!t$ and giggles I did it.

The psychic instantly picked up on me and my boyfriends troubles and I decided to use her like a councilor and actually confided in her with the situation. OH! while were on that topic I also talked to his ex-wife. Can you believe this…she actually agreed with me..100% and said she never even thought of it that way and told me it was inappropriate and she agrees and she said they both thought it was normal and didn’t even think of it that way and that that’s one place they shouldn’t be alone. Then she told me she definitely doesn’t want a personal key to his house because that’s also overstepping some boundaries. Kinda a little victory in my book that even she agreed. SO anyways back to my psychic/medium…she told me she could see my boyfriend and he has a very dominant personality but to stay  firm with my beliefs and not to budge because he doesn’t like to think he’s wrong. She also said this will either make us or break us but if it makes us she said were going to last a very long time.

I jokingly asked if she saw anymore kids for me in my future..she said she did..1 more and asked if I wanted to know the gender, she claimed a boy. Its funny I had a tarot reading done last year and they said I’d have one more but that it would be a girl. My fingers are crossed for that. 😉

So after all the silly psychic nonsense she channeled in spirits around me and picked up both on my mom and childs father. She pretty much described them to a T which was cool. She told me to watch for my mom in my dreams that she is the woman in white. With my sons father she described him as very protective over me and feels regret for the anger and temper he had with me. She then let me know that he talks to Noah and I can communicate to my sons dad that way by just listening to my son.

So do I believe any of this? Semi-sorta.

Was it a cool experience? Absolutely!

Are me and my boyfriend okay now? I still can’t answer that he’s still strong on thinking he’s right about letting his ex-wife have a key to our house and that its okay to be alone with her in our bedroom, so if he won’t budge best believe I won’t either.


(Feel free to comment any kind of questions I didn’t hit)


10 thoughts on “I went to see a Psychic/Medium

  1. wholeproduction says:

    Ayyyyyyyyyy. I don’t trust psych people for a million reasons! If I was to listen those reason this comment section would be way too small. I am just going to put this in the most simplest way I can with a little words I can muster. Let me begin by saying that this psychic person might have been a fake, it’s not that I don’t believe in magic spirit or what not but it’s just that they usually are. Those people know that most women seeking counsels has something to do with relationships so since you a young I am not surprised she said stuff about your boyfriend. The good news is that if she was a fake it would be better than the alternative…A real psychic. The truth is that all psychic uses some kind of spirit to give them the info they give you, and can actually be right sometimes. BUT here is the catch, that spirit usually will send another spirit to stalk you until death. That spirit may not necessarily kill you or anything deathly but that sucker is going to mess your soul up! God created you with your mind, body, spirit, and body and he gave you one of each for a reason. having an spirit stalk can mess your life up in a strange way. That spirit maybe not have any visual affect on you but match out be ready for a change in the kind of dreams you have. My best advice to you is not to panic and not to ever and I mean ever go see another psychic/medium or whatever self-proclaimed spiritualist ever again no matter what the situation or reason might be!!! Anybody calmed to be spirituality savvy is someone you stay away from at all time.This is like this that are done for fun and games can really have serious effect. What I am telling you right now is the truth…Let’s just say I know more of this subject than anyone in this comment section because I am from a country that gave me my fair share of education on the topic. I am now officially worried about you mystery lady.


  2. walkerkaty0 says:

    I believe that it can be a hit or miss type of thing. I’ve seen psychics come up to a friend and basically hit the nail on the head without even seeing them before, and I’ve also had my own experience with one where she was pretty right on with a bunch of stuff. I think it just depends on the situation and the feeling that you get from that person of whether or not they are being real and genuine with you.

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  3. royyman32 says:

    Good to hear his ex-wife agreed with you completely; should give you some peace of mind. Sounds like a cool experience. I don’t really believe in psychic readings either, but they are highly skilled at listening and picking up on cues usually. That can be valuable in it’s own right.


  4. unashamedojesus says:

    Please don’t use psychics or tarot cards they communicate with demons this is how they know all this about you Be careful you have opened yourself up to demon possession just telling you because I care not judging Trust in Jesus


    • blankkanonymous says:

      Your absolutely right, I never even thought about it but when i had that dream it was followed by after I saw the psychic and medium. For my sons sake I am staying away from that type of stuff from now on!


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